Jet Aventure Ajaccio

Jet ski trips for a sunset

100€/ JET

Sunset 1h

Jet Aventure Ajaccio proposes you an unforgettable excursion at the beginning of the evening to admire the sunset behind the Bloodthirsty islands. You will be transported by this show of a rare beauty and by the reddening colors which reflect on the Mediterranean Sea and the Corsican coats. You would appreciate it from Pietrosella, place to which we shall go pwc by borrowing a part of the route which leads to Cocoa and Isula Piana.

To return us there, we shall browse the coast of the Gulf of Ajaccio in the direction of Porticcio to arrive quickly at Pietrosella to take advantage of the show offering itself to us every evening.

Generally, late in the afternoon the wind falls and waves dissipate, what returns the walk pwc the all the more pleasant good as the sun is less present to warm us. For the sensitive to cold, we plannedwetsuitif the need is felt. You can also plan a small Lycra which sometimes is amply enough.

The departure time for this  wave runner ride is not the same every day, because the sunset later and later throughout the summer season.

The departure is made as soon as possible at 7:30 pm and at the latest near 8:15 pm to arrive in time on-the-spot to take advantage completely of this magnificent natural show which amazes us every time by its beauty because even if we have all lives in it to see of magnificent sunset, one eventually reported that it is never the same which we attend.

Furthermore, this ride in jetski is a privileged and romantic moment for all the couples which wish to make a romantic stroll. Finally, we shall return before the night fell completely to take no risk in the twilight.


Jet Aventure Ajaccio
20090, AJACCIO