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Jet ski trips to the Grand Capo

145€/ JET

Grand Capo 1h 45

Take advantage of a navigation rich in wild landscapes to join this magnificent white sand beach, cut by the world, via the Bloodthirsty islands. Take advantage of it to make a dive in these turquoise blue and little deep waters, for 145 euros per wave runner. It will be necessary to matter one hour and forty five minutes to go to the beach of Capo Di Feno and return then to the starting point, to Ricanto Beach.

To join Grand Capo, you will follow the same route as for the ride of the Bloodthirsty Islands. So, you can discover these two very different places in the same excursion. The charm of its two unique and sublime places will leave you speechless. The landscapes which you will find to Capo are very protected by premises what makes of Capo one of only one beach of Ajaccio cut by the world because arrived on the spot, you will not have a telephone network anymore.

It is actually a quiet and peaceful place where the vacationers and the local people like going to it to relax and know that they will not be disturbed by their telephone. This beach is also known to be the favorite place of the surfers. Many come to take advantage of waves which break out ceaselessly. Attention all the same on the swimmers, because strong currents can sometimes surprise you. Besides, the beach of Grand Capo is only watched the summer by a rescue team.

To Capo, we distinguish very clearly two totally brought into conflict parts which are called Grand Capo and Small Capo.

To Grand Capo, there is a hut of the Pirate which is a restaurant on the beach, considered as being very family and friendly.

On the other side, at the end of the beach, to Small Capo, evenings on the beach are organized weekend of summer evenings.

It is also good moments which wait for you during your holidays.


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