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Our watersport is located in the Ricanto beach, close to the restaurant Tahiti Beach Café, at the entrance of the city of Ajaccio, at only two minutes of the airport. 

Jet Aventure Ajaccio is glad to rent you a wave runner and proposes you a wide range of rides adapted to all, accompanied with an instructor if you wish. To rent a personla water craft in Ajaccio will allow you to reach in wonderful landscapes and hidden, inaccessible creeks by the road and even by foot.

However, the required minimum age is 8 years old. From then, \ children can make a baptism of pwc during about twenty minutes in complete safety with a qualified instructor and can discover new sensations and discover the marine environment.
From 16 years, it is possible to pilot a waver runner.

Enjoy !

Our Jet Ski Rides

Isula Piana 1h

Jet Aventure Ajaccio invites you to share an unforgettable experience, every morning at 8 am, for a wonderful ride to Isula Piana. This magnificent excursion of one hour will delight you both by its beauty, and by its exceptional rate, 95 euros per jetski, on which two people can rise.

The Bloodthirsty Islands 1h15

Jet Aventure Ajaccio takes you to discover the Bloodthirsty Islands. It is a natural rare beauty site, very renowned for its blazing sunsets and its rocks in the reddening colors. You will navigate along Ajaccio's coasts passing in front of sublime citadel of Ajaccio, up to this place mythical and inescapable, steeped in history. A small time of bathing is also planned on arrival on the site, the instructor will give you a mask from the beach so that you can take advantage of the beauty of the sea bed of the Bloodthirsty Islands.

Grand Capo 1h 45

Take advantage of a navigation rich in wild landscapes to join this magnificent white sand beach, cut by the world, via the Bloodthirsty islands. Take advantage of it to make a dive in these turquoise blue and little deep waters, for 145 euros per wave runner. It will be necessary to matter one hour and forty five minutes to go to the beach of Capo Di Feno and return then to the starting point, to Ricanto Beach.

Cacao 2h15

Jet Aventure Ajaccio proposes you a ride it jetski in the Handle of Cocoa, the time required for this ride is two hours and fifteen minutes for 185-euro price rate by jetski. To join this bay, for will pass by the route which also leads to Isula Piana as well as to Pietrosella, where we go to observe the sunset.

Sunset 1h

Jet Aventure Ajaccio proposes you an unforgettable excursion at the beginning of the evening to admire the sunset behind the Bloodthirsty islands. You will be transported by this show of a rare beauty and by the reddening colors which reflect on the Mediterranean Sea and the Corsican coats. You would appreciate it from Pietrosella, place to which we shall go pwc by borrowing a part of the route which leads to Cocoa and Isula Piana.

Isula Piana 1hThe Bloodthirsty Islands 1h15 Grand Capo 1h 45 Cacao 2h15 Sunset 1h

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